New Media in a digital world: Tool or Threat for Learning?

New Media in a digital world: Tool or Threat for Learning?
16 Novembre 2010 Eleonora Panto

Eleonora Pantò from CSP is member of the steering committee of the Conference “Media & Learning: towards the era of digital fluency“.

The Media & Learning Conference taking place in Brussels on 25 and 26 November 2010 addresses how new media can contribute to improve learning.  Media literacy and digital fluency are amongst the most important skills young people can learn in order to find, use and create accurate information to become the creative citizens of a future society. But how can educators be sure that learners are learning better thanks to media?

During this conference, practitioners, experts and researchers will discuss how learners handle video and audio in a meaningful and thoughtful manner to support their learning, how media repositories complement existing teaching and learning materials effectively, how young people learn by creating their own media and how ICT can enhance the teaching and learning process.

Pascal Smet, Flemish Minister for Education, Youth, Equal Opportunities and Brussels Affairs will open the conference by introducing the three main discussion topics: media literacy, re-use of existing media and the value of content created by learners and teachers. Speakers include Paul Bottelberghs, writer and media innovator; Pelle Snickars, co-editor of “The YouTube Reader”; Helen Keegan, educational social media innovator and practitioner; Francesc Pedró, lead researcher with the OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, Rowan Simms from iTunes U and Paul Ashton, educational broadcaster and commissioning editor of Teachers TV, UK.  Eleonora Pantò from CSP will facilitate the session “Show and tell: Online services that provide access to media-rich materials for learning”.

The conference will include also sessions linked to the MEDEA Awards 2010, a competition now in its third year that recognizes and rewards excellence in this field.

The programme is available at

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