DRM+: first Italian testbed in Torino

DRM+: first Italian testbed in Torino
October 11, 2010 CSP_admin
Radio Maria starts a one-year trial on DRM+ in the Turin metropolitan area with CSP support and infrastructure

DRM+ is part of the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale: www.drm.org) transmission system which uses frequencies between a spectrum of 0.1 MHz and 174 MHz. This innovative technology can offer better signal quality through the possibility of simulcast, analog and digital transmission and multichannel broadcasting, with propagation features that satisfy the multiple needs of radio stations in relation to their coverage areas.

The experimentation by Radio Maria, the worldwide religious radio network, is starting in these days and expected to last one year and involve the Turin metropolitan area. Among the testbed international participants, Fraunhofer Istitute, STMicroelectonics, Vatican Radio, Bilbao Faculty of Engineering of the Basque Country.

It will take place jointly in Band I and Band II (FM), in a combined mode. The test is performed in accordance with a licence issued by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Department of Communications and will be based on CSP support and infrastructure.

A kick off conference, open to professionals and press, will take place in Torino from 19th to 21 of October, 2010. For contacts, accreditations and information: Claudio Re, reclaudio@alma.it.


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