In Europe

CSP forges international relationships and takes part in European projects with the aim of interfacing with the main trends in research and technology transfer on an international level.
This enables the organisation to contribute good practices, an innovative approach and new opportunities to the processes of innovation, competitivity and development in the Piedmont region. In recent years, CSP network of international relations has widened considerably and it now takes in about 50 partner bodies in more than 15 European countries.

Some of these links have been consolidated with collaboration agreements (such as with ATiT), or tking part of international networks or associations such as ENOLL (the euoropean network of Living Lab) and Media and Learning Association.

CSP is currently partner in the following EU-funded projects:

Among the completed international projects, CSP took part as a partner in the following projects:  EMMA, JAMTODAYOPEN-ALPS, MEDEA2020SMARD, DE-LAN, AUTONET, SVEA, CReATE, PEARDROP, FOCUS, INTEGRA, EGOVMONET, UNDERSTAND, funded respectively by FP6, FP7, Interreg IIIc e IVc, LLP, Alpine Space, @lis.