June the 8th 2011, World IPV6Day

June the 8th 2011, World IPV6Day
June 7, 2011 CSP_admin
CSP is part of the international community experiencing a worldwide testbed for the new incoming IPv6 protocol.
With more than 400 organisations among which ICT companies, Universities, ISP and research centers, the World IPv6 day is the first international test for next generation internet. The increasing number of devices using IP to identify itself, is running WWW to the IPv4 address exaustion, making therefore compulsory the migration to the new 32bit Ipv6 protocol, experienced since now by a 0,2% of internet users worldwide. CSP, which has a long research tradition on this field, take part to the test flight with its Ipv6 version website and a special logo to celebrate the day.


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