A learning game for ocean literacy and education to sustainability

A learning game for ocean literacy and education to sustainability
November 22, 2018 Eleonora Panto

How much plastic is discharged every day in the ocean? What does eutrophication mean? Why are the sandy beaches increasingly smaller? And what can we do to improve the health of the marine environment? Knowing the answers to these questions means to become  “ocean literate”.

Those who live far from the sea may not be aware of the impact that our daily choices have on the marine ecosystem and we may not know how much the sea, which covers about 70% of the globe, contributes to our wellbeing by regulating the climate and providing oxygen and nourishment.

Contributing to the increase of this awareness is the goal of the ResponSEAble, funded by the European Union, in the framework of the European Horizon2020 program. The project team composed of 15 partners from all over Europe, after a phase of analysis and study that allowed to identify, where to intervene to fill the knowledge gap in the European population, designed and implemented various communication tools and media.

These tools are films, cartoons, interactive panels, interviews with scientists, interactive maps to facilitate a systemic approach to these problems, using a framework that allows to understand the complex system of relationships between human activities and the sea, webinar to get in touch Direct with European experts: the next one will take place on December 6th on the subject because it is necessary that the policymakers also know the sea. All these materials are accessible from the site.

It has been shown that play is an effective tool in behavioural change and is in fact successfully used in healthcare: for this CSP, in collaboration with all partners and the 3×1010 agency, has created an interactive game for kids and adults to facilitate the understanding of these complex phenomena.

The game is free, without advertising and does not collect personal data and is available in the stores for Android e IOS (iPhone/iPad).

The aim of the game is to conquer all the stages of the game by solving the quizzes presented in the five Stories. You navigate the archipelago and overcome various challenges, related to the health of our ocean and the connected value chain. In the journey, you can get more points and rest a bit with some mini-games. Once you have completed all the challenges of the game, you will be able to take a selfie and it will be published on the starting screen of the game: it will be the way to show your commitment safeguarding our Ocean.

The game lends itself very well to personal use at the same time as a teaching resource in the classroom, for example, discussing materials and questions.

For further information contact eleonora.panto@csp.it