I4schools – Innovation&Creativity 4 schools

INNOVATION & CREATIVITY4SCHOOLS is a contest open to Piemonte high schools. The contest is proposed by CSP in collaboration with the Dschola  Association, the network of innovative schools in Piemonte, and the support of the Regional Education Office of the Piemonte Regional Government. INNOVATION & CREATIVITY4SCHOOLS represents meeting point between the applied research world and schools.

The initiative comes after many collaboration experiences between CSP and different high schools in Piemonte, in activities ranging from technology transfer to initiatives addressed to innovate the world of education.

Internet of Things, technological convergence and big data are the topics on which participants were asked to propose new ideas, starting with a series of technological products, part of the I4B assets, which are the result of the applied research activities carried out by the CSP Labs. The teens are required  to develop hardware and software to give shape to their proposal: in this way the participation in the competition can become a significant part of their academic activity.

Discover the details and keep updated at http://i4school.csp.it