SVEA – Promoting web 2.0 uptake for organisational and personnel development in Vocational Education and Training and adult training

SVEA addresses the collaboration and web 2.0 skills of teachers and trainers in both Vocational Education and Training (VET) and adult training institutions, with a special focus on personnel and organizational development.  Providing these institutions with the means for target oriented communication and knowledge exchange, the project will stimulate active co-development of organizational processes and tools, and will at the same time enable teachers and trainers to use those tools to empower learner-centered and self paced teaching. SVEA’s goal is to cultivate new work processes and communication strategies through the use of net-based technology. Upgrading e-skills in VET and adult training institutions will foster innovation and change in personnel and organizational management.  For these purposes, SVEA will develop an online platform offering custom web 2.0 tools for trainers and teachers, combined with both an online and a face to face training program to help the target group master these web 2.0 applications. Guidelines and training material to guarantee successful implementation will also be designed.