Digital TV

Digital TV and radio are one of the major elements of innovation that enters directly into people’s everyday lives, in terms of both their extraordinary penetration, and the developments offered by the advent of digital media. TV and radio are now making the transition from their traditional ether medium to the internet, the worldwide web, which offers new “hybrid” application scenarios where traditional audio and video contents can be enhanced with additional information, multimedia elements and multichannel access to other spheres of content. These developments have fuelled research into broadcasting technologies – looking at the most efficient, effective and secure ways to broadcast – and applications, namely the channels that users employ to access increasingly rich, complex and convergent contents. CSP research focuses on the topical issues facing the sector: from stereoscopic TV to connected TV, applications for digital TV and augmented TV, as well as protocols and technologies for Digital Radio, DRM/DRM+ and DAB/DAB+.
CSP has been involved in research into digital TV since 2004 when, with SUN Microsystems and Telecom Italia, it established DTTLab, the laboratory devoted to Digital Terrestrial TV, under the scientific direction of Turin University.
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