CSP’s App on GooglePlay platform

CSP’s App on GooglePlay platform
August 25, 2014 CSP_admin

Following different fields of specialization CSP has developed Android apps devoted to support users in their daily life.
Agriculture, health and environmental awareness and protection are the fields on which efforts have been focused.
Sigevi, is a precision agriculture project with special reference to wine sector, where a wireless sensor network offers a wide range of data to enologist, in order to define farming strategies and plant disease prevention. Professionals can collect, analyse and share data by means of tablet and the Sigevi app, which interacts with sensors in order create an historical data base of meteo and plant pathology.
Concerning health sector, the application field focuses on autism and related pathologies. The result is Tools4autism, a suite of applications developed in order to support patient and their families in the daily life and schedules, following the pattern called “social histories”.
The past field of application is environmental awareness and wearable technologies with Everyaware EU project, the aim of which is to collect data on air pollution sharing them in order to change citizen behavior with knowledge and consciousness.
The Airprobe app, interacts with a portable set of sensors, than analyze the air quality during the usual walk or bike way. On that base pollution data suggest how to change life style both in terms of level of pollution and contexts frequented.
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