PITAGORA – Interoperable Platform for gathering, management and organization of environmental data

PITAGORA is based on the paradigm of ILBM (Integrated Lake Basin Management) and embeds the Living Lab model for the participatory environmental monitoring of the lake basins in the Lake Maggiore area. A special focus is on the Orta Lake in the Northern Piedmont.

PITAGORA proposes an innovative lake basin management model, thanks to an integrated system of measurement-acquisition-transmission-use of data, which integrates a real time ILBM, based on the paradigm of the Internet of Things. A network of sensors distributed on floating buoys make possible accurate measurements and real-time monitoring of environmental data meteo-hydrological phenomena, of hydrological, chemical and biological processes. These are integrated with other economic and quality of life data from the local inhabitants, actively involved in the project within the Living Lab. The collected data are sent to the regional IOT platform Smart Data Platform through ultra-wideband wireless via the local experimental network HPWNet.

An app for wearable devices enables the users to interact through a smartwatch with the data coming from the sensors on the field.