APIC-Airprobe International Challenge

APIC-Airprobe International Challenge
October 28, 2013 CSP_admin

The APIC – AirProbe International Challenge – is an international competition, developed within the Everyaware EU project, devoted to collect air pollution data according to the citizen sensor approach, where volunteer citizens contribute information from remote devices.

Selected participants may become Air Ambassador and compete to measure the levels of air pollution with a sensor box, or Air Guardian, to report air pollution level estimation in various spots of the city. Four cities are involved: Antwerp (BE), Kassel (DE), London (UK) and Turin (IT).

The AirProbe system, developed by CSP within the Everyaware EU project, is composed by a backpack with a solar panel that powers a SensorBox recording real time data. The sensorbox is connected with the user’s smartphone, in order to get people immediately aware of air pollution in the area where is walking.

More details on Everyaware EU project and APIC contest at http://www.everyaware.eu/APIC.