Open Innovation Day in Stuttgart, May 14th

Open Innovation Day in Stuttgart, May 14th
May 8, 2014 internazionale

The OpenAlps project team hereby invites you to participate in our  “Open Innovation Day” on 14 May 2014 at “Haus der Wirtschaft” in Stuttgart, Germany.

Globalisation and growing international competition lead to ever shorter product life cycles, which in turn result in higher cost and innovation pressure. In order to remain competitive on a sustained basis it is important more than ever to exactly know about customer needs and to develop and offer tailored products and services with the optimal use of resources. Efficiency and effectiveness of innovation activities hereby largely depend on the access to relevant information on needs and solutions.

A successful way to gather such information is to open up internal innovation processes for external input of knowledge and know-how. Open Innovation stands for such a procedure where external actors are integrated into the company’s innovation process. This integration of external knowledge is considered as a decisive factor and as a way to develop more successful and marketable products.

Details at the OpenAlps website:
Download the conference agenda and the conference handout.