Civil protection

  • IoTNet

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    CSP has developed skills and experience of all the components of the Internet of Things system: from the data source (sensors) to the storage , transmission (telecommunications and broadcasting techniques),   data validation ( based on statistics  and processing of heterogeneous data ), to  platforms for query and data visualization, to specific use of data in reference to particular user needs, to storage and management of large databanks (through distributed DB and NoSQL solutions).

    The IoTNet project aims to build a complete system, in which the data collection by distributed sensors (including webcam) is managed through acquisition platforms, autonomous and distributed, placed in strategic locations in the Piedmont area. Moreover, an access and streaming portal enables an  aggregated view of data and to access the webcam live streams.

    Download IotNet platform datasheet.

  • SALVEREMO – Automatic localization system for dispersed people in mountain remote areas

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    SALVEREMO is an applied research project aimed at developing an innovative system for mountain search and rescue of people lost in rugged and mountainous terrain or in rural areas. The rescue operations are based on the use of small UAV, equipped with devices and sensors, answering the needs of all the emergency chain players, from the civil protection, to the mountaing rescue department.

    SALVEREMO boosts different vertical competences in order to dramatically reduce the search times of lostpeople in areas where morphological features are critical. It provides the civil protection players with decision support, chances to reduce workload and operational costs.

    Thanks to the sensors and TLC component miniaturization on board as UAV payload and to the autonomous action capability in inaccessible areas, the SALVEREMO system increases the rescue operation efficiency.

    The project partners are BEA SRL (Capofila), aerRobotix, commitWORLD, CSP, Politecnico di Torino. SALVEREMO is funded through EU-Regional Funds, within MESAP, the Piemonte Innovation Pole on mechatronics and advanced production system.

  • Meteo2850: the Ciardoney glacier

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    Internet and advanced services in the high mountains are one of the main CSP’s research domains.
    The METEO2850 project, running at 2850 mt above s.l. at the Ciardoney Glacier in the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso.

    Thanks  to the HPWNET experimental network broadband, the weather control stations, powered by a co-generation system, transmit daily data about the glacier environmental conditions of the. METEO2850 project provides access to meteorological data and images through a live webcam.

    Meteo2850 is part of the long-term cooperation CSP has with Nimbus, the Società Meteorologica Italiana and with IREN S.p.A.

    See the live webcam at and the time-lapse video, that synthesizes one year of images on the Ciardoney Glacier .