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  • ASSET: People Kounter

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    People Kounter is one of CSP technology asset. counts the number of people who pass a certain point or gateway, using the Kinect sensor and images produced by a camera positioned above, perpendicular to the ground. The algorithm generated is capable of counting the people entering and leaving an area with a high degree of precision, and excluding other objects. Ideal for indoor settings, it is also capable of correctly interpreting crowded situations.

    Download People Kounter information sheet.

  • Intelligent Bypass Unit

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    Intelligent Bypass Unit is an embedded sysem enables a damaged server or filtering system to be “physically” bypassed, increasingly the reliability of the network. The system resides outside of the server and is low cost.

  • JSigner

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    Watermarking is a technique that guarantees the traceability of usage of contents such as images and audio and video files. It involves embedding into files visible or invisible information that unequivocally identifies the owner of the material. This enables the content to be recognised over time, even following partial modifications.

    JSigner is a web application designed to publish digitally watermarked content on a website. The authenticity of images can thus be verified by the watermark, controlling improper use, unauthorised edits and plagiarism.

    Jsigner enables users to embed additional digital information into an image, watermark content, publish on the web and manage the archive of watermarks used, making it possible to protect the intellectual property rights of any kind of multimedia content.

    Download the information sheet about JSigner

  • Promo Eye – integrated open source video promotion system

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    System for video surveillance and video promotion for tourism purposes. Features include: centralised management of IP cameras, user and group profiling, re-use of analogical, non IP cameras, and customisable video analysis for video surveillance purposes. It also enables a flow of relevant, integrated data to be added to the images that the camera is transmitting, for promotional purposes for example.

    The system integrates the IP Webcam Streamer, which guarantees video continuity when there is no connection, displaying a test card (or personalised image).

    Download Promo Eye information sheet.