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  • SAVE THE DATE. The Turin JamToday is back!

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    The Turin JamToday is back!
    Save the date of the Game Jam for developing a serious games for learning in around 48 hours. In Torino on September 19th-20st, 2015.
    Stay tuned!


    See details about the JAMTODAY project at

  • DITSS delegation visits CSP to start a cooperation

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    DITSS is the Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security, based in Eindhoven, in the Nederland. After some preliminary contact and a visit paid by CSP in November 2014 to Eindhoven, CSP has been glad to welcome a delegation from DITSS, who has visited Torino on March the 27 and 28th.

    The mutual knowledge between the two organizations has considerably increased during the visit and each one has shown a strong interest in making the cooperation stable and durable. DITTS and CSP are confident that the two bodies and the respective ecosystems of relations will benefit from this cooperation.

    Several common interest areas have been focused in the domain of safety and security, such as urban security, safe events and nightlife, video surveillance. A cooperation agreement will be signed in the incoming weeks and a EU project proposal is under preparation.

    See DITSS website at

  • New EMMA MOOCs online

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    EMMA, the European MOOC aggregator, announces a new progamme of free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), available from February 25th. EMMA’s courses, each lasting between 6 and 8 weeks, are open to learners from all over the world and include a variety of different topics, from Computer-Assisted Inquiry to Business Intelligence, Developing Blended Learning, E-Learning and, last but not least, “Lisbon and the Sea: a Story of Arrivals and Departure”.
    See the press release on EMMA website.
    EMMA is a EU project funded under the CIP programme addressed at promoting MOOCs and Open Educational Resources (OER).
    For further details see
  • The JamToday Fair 2015 in Brussels

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    The first annual event organized by the JamToday Network is the JamToday Fair 2015, that takes place in Brussels on February the 11th, 2015. The aim is to bring attendants up-to-date with applied games and how to run a game jam.

    In 2015, the JamToday annual thematic area is Healthcare and Wellbeing. And the JamToday Fair 2015 will focus on these two areas with professionals and keynotes speakers. Through a number of interactive workshops and lively, practical sessions, attendants will learn about:

    • Applied game design and game-based learning
    • Game jams and the JamToday Toolkit
    • Experience from game-jam organisers and participants
    • The JamToday Network
    • Transfer and Evaluation methodologies
    • Concrete examples of applied games and games developed in the framework of the JamToday game-jams

    The Fair is kindly hosted by the Unioncamere Piemonte premises in Brussels.

    Places are limited and the early registration is recommended.
    Please see details in the INFO PACKAGE, register at EVENTBRITE  and address questions to

  • Jam Today: a workshop for teachers in Turin about gaming

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    The workshop, focusing on gaming as a professional support for teachers, is held in Turin on January the 30th.
    Promoted by JamToday, the EU project devoted to spread serious gaming culture as educational methodology all over Europe, the workshop is held in CSP headquarters located in Torino, Italy.

    The registration is free on EventBrite platform.
    Further details in the project website.

  • BOO-GAMES: the final conference

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    The BOO-GAMES final conference is held in Birmingham, UK, in November 20th and 21st 2014, contributing actively to the Launch Future Gaming & Digital Conference, one of the most important British event on digital media and gaming industry.
    Following the success of the Turin Game Jam, the winner project has been presented to the conference, together with the Boogames model applied in Piedmont, as a way to locally promote the gaming industry development.

  • Meet EMMA, a brand new multilingual MOOC Platform for Europe

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    12 leading universities and companies in 8 European countries announced the launch today of the new EMMA project, which provides access to MOOCs in different languages and supported by automatic transcription. The first EMMA MOOCs go live in September 2014 and are provided by universities in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK, on several subjects such as Business Management, Social Innovation and Cultural Heritage, Climate Change and Searching on the Internet.


    See the EMMA_press_release for further details.

  • First 7 European Multilingual MOOCs go live

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    From today, learners all over the world can sign up to take part in free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in a range of different subjects from Blended Learning to Business Organization, from Searching on the Internet to Climate Changes. These MOOCs, lasting between 6 and 8 weeks, are all offered by the new European Multiple MOOC Aggregator, called EMMA for short, which brings together leading university partners providing online, easy-to-access learning opportunities that are open to all learners.

    See the EMMA general press release for further details.

    EMMA-European Multiple MOOC Aggregator is a 30 month pilot action supported by the European Union. EMMA showcases excellence in innovative teaching methodologies and learning approaches and offers free, open, online courses in multiple languages from different European universities to help preserve Europe’s rich cultural, educational and linguistic heritage and to promote cross-cultural and multi-lingual learning. EMMA has received funding from the European Union’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.
    Visit the EMMA website at

  • Boo-Games: partner meeting and study visit in Utrecht (NL)

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    Boo-Games is a European project devoted to promote the gaming industry in Europe. A new study visit on the 24 and 25 of September in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is a chance to discuss about serious games during a special workshop and some study visits to local dutch SME.

    Follow Boo-Games on twitter to learn more about the project.

  • The OpenAlps trainings are finalist at the Italian national award EGOV 2014

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    The OpenAlps training sessions for SMEs, in the Piemonte edition, are one of the finalists of the national award “EGOV2014“, within the category “Supporting entrepreneurship in the area (projects, funding, incentives for growth).”

    EGOV 2014, award for the best achievements of innovation projects developed by public administrations, is now in its 10th edition and has collected 112 applications this year. The award ceremony takes place on September 18, as part of the Conference on the Local  Digital Agenda in Riccione.